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Top most dangerous places that you should never travel

Planning a vacation is always exciting. After all, going to someplace you have never been before is just brimming with new fun and adventure for you to explore. Although it is hard to limit the places which you should never visit with kids to 18 locations which should currently be avoided at all costs, especially when traveling with children. These locations are just a few of the various destinations cited by the State Department of the United States as being places to steer clear of.

Venezuela as the third biggest murder rate in all of Latin America, with much of that violence being related to drug trafficking and resulting from the fact that the country is located between Colombia and the United States.
Columbia boasts beautiful Caribbean coastlines and excellent surfing opportunities, but the country also has one of the highest violent crime rates in the world. The country also reports 2,300 kidnappings of tourists each year and drug cartel assassinations are a regular occurrence. On the average day, the country sees 8 highway robberies, 2 bank robberies, 87 murders, and 204 muggings or assaults.
Perhaps the number one destination to avoid traveling to with children is Iraq. Due to the past years of war and violence throughout this country, it is a wise idea to stay out of Iraq altogether as the country is still unstable.
If you are an American citizen, but also other nationality, you may also find that travel to Iran should be avoided. There have been incidents of hostilities occurring to Americans within this region and recent issues between Iran and neighboring countries have caused need for worry. Therefore, traveling here with children is not advisable.
Dominican Republic
Petty crimes have long been considered common in the Dominican Republic, but violent crimes against foreigners are becoming increasingly common. In fact, buses and taxis are known for allowing criminals to rob tourists while in their small, enclosed spaces.
This country is also plagued with violence due to the incidents throughout the past five to ten years. Troops still have a firm place within the country and it is advisable to not travel there at all, especially if you are traveling with kids.
Democratic Republic of Congo
If you plan to go to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, be prepared to have to bribe your way in and out of the country. Despite the presences of the U.N. observer forces throughout the country, car-jackings, kidnapping, and rapes routinely occur at the hands of troops as well as armed groups.
Burundi has been dealing with an ongoing civil war since 1993, with fighting between government forces and rebel fractions being a common occurrence. Groups of criminals regularly engage in car-jackings and muggings and mortar attacks are a regular part of life in the country, despite a cease-fire agreement among six o the rebel groups.
American travelers in Somalia have no backing or assistance available to them, as there are no diplomatic outposts or United States embassies in the country. Relief workers and journalists are attacked on a regular basis. In addition, vessels are held ransom by pirates while inter-clan fighting is a daily event.
Code d’Ivoire
Despite the fact that the airport is now open, the violent killings of and American civilian and several French troops in 2004 has continued to plague this country Iran If you are an American citizen you may also find that travel to Iran should be avoided. There have been incidents of hostilities occurring to Americans within this region and recent issues between Iran and neighboring countries have caused need for worry. Therefore, traveling here with children is not advisable.
American citizens are forbidden from traveling the overland passing that spans between Russia and Georgia, but this isn’t the only problem you might face in this country. The country remains divided after its civil war, which took place in the 80s and 90s, and the group in northwest Georgia still refuses to recognize the country’s government. This has results in a great deal of violence in the area, including beatings and destruction of property.
Travel to and from Haiti is restricted in nature. However, those who are able to visit the country should avoid doing so if with children. In 2007, there were 29 kidnappings of Americans and 13 in 2008 as of the month of April. Therefore, traveling here with children should not be undertaken.
Despite the 1,100 police advisors and 15,000 U.N. peacekeepers, crime remains a major problem in Liberia. Murder, theft, and sexual assaults are all common - particularly at night.
Despite the beauty that Victoria Falls offers in Zimbabwe, tourists are routinely harassed in the country. Violent crime, which is often spurred by food and fuel shortages, are also common.
Israel, the West Bank and Gaza
Since the early 2000’s, the West Bank and Gaza Strip areas have been in turmoil. Israel itself proves to be dangerous to those who visit the region. Therefore, you should choose not to visit this area when you have children with you.
In the past few years, Nepal has seen increasingly dangerous conditions. Visitors to the area have experienced issues regarding violence against women, acts of terrorism and have been the victims of other violent crimes. Traveling here with children should be advised against.
Yemen is another location to avoid when traveling with children. Terrorist acts have occurred here recently and the overall atmosphere of the area is one which is unsafe for tourists, especially those with children.
Syria has also been experiencing turmoil and visitors to this country have been known to be the victims of various criminal acts. In addition, terrorism acts have occurred which make the area unsafe for a good amount of visitors. Therefore, traveling to Syria with children may not be a wise thing to do.

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