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Top 5 Best Culinary Schools in Europe

Europe is known around the world for the impeccable flavors and mouthwatering cuisine. What better way to learn the art of cooking that in Europe itself. There are many award-winning schools to get a certification:

1. Le Roche International School of Hotel Management is among the top 3 best culinary schools in the world. The campus is located in Crans-Montana, Switzerland.
They provide undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate courses related to hospitality, hotel, and tourism.
Students are provided accommodation in the massive campus, as well as meals.
All facilities are state-of-the-art, and this includes a demo kitchen, demo bar, and 30 well-equipped classrooms.
The campus library has an extensive collection of over 10,000 books, and students have access to online journals and publications, as well as audio and video devices, digital cameras, and equipment needed for presentations.

2. The Rhode School of Cuisine has campuses in Marrakech, Tuscany, and Provence.
Students are either Gourmet Guests, or Cooking Guests.
The luxurious and beautiful campuses are also ideal destinations for cooking vacations. Each campus serves the respective cuisine of its location. Culinary and Gourmet Guests have basically the same curriculum and benefits, although Culinary Guests have eight or nine hands-on instructions.

3. DCT Swiss Hotel and Culinary Arts School in Lucerne, Switzerland, provides students hands-on lessons in the laboratory.
Students are guided by the world-renowned Michelin star approach for gourmet dining.
The curriculum includes pastry preparation, gourmet menus, and European desserts.
Interested students may choose from three programs, one for those with no culinary experience or background; one for experienced chefs or cooks; and one for those interested in taking a full program which includes a paid internship in Switzerland.
Students may choose from the following courses: Foundation in European Cuisine, European Gourmet Cuisine, and European Pastry and Chocolate.

4. Le Cordon Bleu Madrid is guided by the philosophy of “The Art of Living Well”. This philosophy is evident in curriculums, programs, and the equipment used in providing its students with the best in culinary education.
Their culinary programs include Diploma Programs, Certificate Programs , and the Legacy System. They also offer Masters Programs in Hospitality Management and Gastronomy.
The school also has other campuses within Europe located in London and Paris.
Other branches around the world include Seoul, Ottawa, Adelaide, Sydney, Kobe, and Tokyo.
Le Cordon Bleu also offers programs in Continuing Education, which allows students to perfect their techniques as well as learn more about new developments, technologies, and products in the industry.
These programs are available for graduates the Cuisine and Patisserie Diploma courses.

5. APICIUS Culinary Institute in Florence, Italy, offers programs in culinary arts, masters in Italian cuisine, food communications and publishing, Italian baking and pastries, hospitality management, and wine and enology studies.
The school also offers internships throughout Italy, as well as 10-day tours within Tuscany, and customized cooking classes. School facilities include 3 demonstration laboratories, computer laboratory, food production kitchens, teaching kitchens, and student lounges, among others.
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