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Top 10 Stupid Laws Around the World

Be a lawful citizen, is not always easy - especially when it inconveniences. Let's be honest: we all had our fair share of run-ins with the law we disagree.
This top 10 looks at some of the most absurd, antiquated laws on the planet. We can, indeed, declare them to be just stupid.

10. In the English city of Liverpool, birthplace of the Beatles, a woman is forbidden by law to walk topless, unless she is selling exotic fish to market.
So if you plan a trip to Liverpool and for whatever reason, want to take off the top, the fish market is the place to go. The smell may not be easy to manage, but the fear that you will be able to walk topless legally.

9. In San Salvador drunken driving is punishable by death. The sentence is carried out immediately by a team assembled hastily-fire.
Believe that tourists who pick San Salvador as a tourist destination should use taxis as far as possible to avoid a potentially fatal accident. Drunk driving is stupid and irresponsible, but maybe this is a bit 'too much?

8. In Indonesia, masturbation is strictly forbidden. Who break the law and risk getting caught is beheaded.
All single men traveling to Asia this paradise should pay real attention to this, if you can not find any female companionship only control yourself, do not lose your head ...

7. In Scotland, the law requires citizens to allow whoever knocks at their door to use their toilets.
So when in Scotland do not bother looking for public toilets, just knock on the door before you can find and ask to use the facilities. If they have a firm handle on the law, which will be welcomed right in. This law may be stupid, but it does keep the streets clean, who would go into a dark alley when you can use any toilet they want?

6. In Bahrain, the law prohibits a gynecologist to look directly at the organs of a patient. Must use a mirror reflection to do its job.
If you are on vacation in Bahrain and a medical emergency requiring a visit to the local OB / GYN specialist, just go home. Call me crazy, but I would not let a doctor treat me by using mirrors to find his way around - I'm pretty sure it would do more harm than good.

5. In the state of Alabama people are not allowed to drive while blindfolded.
This is one of those laws that raise as "may get more pointless?" And "what atrocious events offered this Act in the first place?". If you want to achieve a dream of driving thorough Alabama wearing a blindfold, you'll just let him go.

4. The people of London are not allowed to take a cab if you are infested with the plague.
It's understandable I guess. London suffered a lot during the time of the "Black Death", so maybe just thought that if the disease has struck again, this time it was prepared. Again, do not really get much more stupid than that.

3. Throughout Great Britain, pregnant women are allowed to deliver their babies in any public place and even the use of the helmet of a policeman, if necessary.
This would be an unforgettable experience that is not true? Some people go to England just to get a picture with the famous Royal Guards, but in reality with a helmet to facilitate delivery baby ... invaluable.

2. In the state of Florida, if a single woman parachute from a plane on a Saturday we risk doing jail time.
Single women traveling to Sunny Florida should stay away from planes and parachute Saturday. Skydiving can be fun, but not when there's a police car waiting for you on the ground.

1. In people of Kentucky is prohibited from withholding firearms if more than 6 feet. So if you're a tourist / serial-killer traveling through Kentucky, you're perfectly fine unless your weapon of choice is longer than 1.8 meters. If so, you're in trouble. The police did not give Kentucky peace until they bring down.
By Florin Nedelcu

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