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Top 10 happiest countries in the world

Here is a list of the top 10 happiest countries in the world. The basis of this list is the research done by Professor Ruut Veenhoven operating the World Database of Happiness to Erasmus University Rotterdam.

How do you measure happiness?
Happiness can be very subjective. Some people are happy when it rains, others are happy when the sun shines. So how is it measured? Apparently the people at the World Database of Happiness to take into account a number of different things, such as average life expectancy, and especially the multiple-choice question: "How are you happy?" (Even if the real issue has changed a bit 'throughout the years).
Have all the variables that run through a computer and get a number from 1 to 10. The larger the number, the happiest country.

10. Luxembourg - 7.6 points
Living in the Worlds richest country inevitably raises a smile on your face! This small landlocked European country has an army of 800 people (yes, 800). They have a navy nor an air force, but together with Belgium, they can afford to own 1 military cargo plane. Beat that the United States!
According to the Guinness Book of World Records Luxembourg holds the world record as the country that consumes more alcohol in the world for every citizen.
9. Guatemala - 7.6 points
This Central American country bordered by Mexico to the north and is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The location makes it a very difficult country to stay happy - Guatemala is often kidnapped by hurricanes and earthquakes that often kill thousands of people. Guatemala's major exports are coffee, sugar and bananas. This is probably why I'm so happy - you've never seen anyone who can stay sad while eating a banana? 56% of all Guatemalans live in poverty. If you ask me, can use bananas cheap!
8. Canada - 7.6 points
Many people have no idea that Canada's head of state is Queen Elizabeth II in reality - the head of the British monarchy. This means that when Britain declared war on Germany in the first World War, Canada was automatically at war with the first country to be a Nazi. Unlike the proximity of the United States, Canada has never canceled its relations with Cuba and refused to take part in the war in Iraq - instead, played a leading role in UN peacekeeping missions and helped to launch an initiative to 1.5 billion U.S. dollars to help develop vaccines that could save millions of people in poor countries. Appears that happy people make a country happy!
7. Sweden - 7.7 points
This "welfare state" model is an excellent example of effective national taxes. Among other things the state provides universal tax-funded childcare, parental leave, health, education (including university), retirement pensions and sick leave. A value added tax (VAT - a bit 'as sales tax), you can pay up to 80% of his income, like taxes. Contrary to popular belief, the Swedes are quite OK with their high taxes. After all that gives them tons of free services and high quality - what is not to be happy!
Sweden is also home to IKEA - the world's largest furniture store. Founder of IKEA Ingvar Kampard is famous for being the 7th richest person in the world (net worth 31 billion U.S. dollars) and driving a Volvo 15 years old station wagon. It was argued that more people read the Ikea catalog that the Bible - and that one in ten Europeans have been conceived in an Ikea bed.
6. Australia - 7.7 points
The name "Australia" is derived from the Latin word "Australis", meaning "southern". Australia is the only country in the world, which consists of an entire continent. Between 1788 and 1868 the British used Australia as a colony to deport convicted criminals - these people are the ancestors of many citizens today. Australians are famous for playing rugby and calling each-other "comrades".
5. Finland - 7.7 points
This is the country that brought us Nokia - the worlds largest producer of mobile phones. In 2003, Nokia accounted for about one quarter of Finland's exports in 2006 generated more revenue that the entire budget of Finland. Before starting to make mobile phones Nokia facts (yes, it's true), rubber boots! Finland was also the site of Simo Häyhä - Considered the most deadly sniper through history with 542 kills. According to the World Economic Forum, Finland has the most competitive economy in the world. Enough to be happy!
4. Iceland - 7.8 points
This country is full of geologically active volcanoes and geysers (A geyser is a hot spring that erupts in water with a certain frequency). With geothermal Iceland takes his dirty electricity and hot water at low cost. There have been occasions in which the steel was shipped for processing, in Australia or Africa and when you are finished return to its country of origin. Cheap local energy actually makes that cost effective. According Human Development Index, Iceland (along with Norway) is the world, most developed countries.
3. Austria - 8.0 points
Austria is the birthplace of the famous energy drink Red Bull. This country is also one of few in the world that allows legal voting beginning at 16 years. Upon turning 18, all male Austrians have to take part in a military service of 6 months. The country was formally declared a neutral country, or a "perpetual neutrality" as the saying goes, but really did not take part in peacekeeping missions and also participated in various UN sanctions against Iraq. With the wide use of wind, solar and hydroelectric Austria produces about 80% of its energy from renewable sources. Education is largely free, with the exception of half an average fee of $ 583 (370 euros), in the universities. As you probably guessed it - student loan debts are not a problem in Austria.
2. Switzerland - 8.1 points
This land produces cheese and chocolate is the 10 richest countries in the world. Swiss neutrality has helped their banks to raise some serious cash - for decades it was possible to open a bank account without having to identify themselves. After opening an account, you have been given a special number that would allow someone to deposit or withdraw money. This law was subsequently amended as attracted illegal money. Switzerland is also one of the recyclers of rubbish on top of the world (66% to 96% recycled materials recycled). They achieve this by maintaining the free recycling, but asking money for regular garbage - giving people a financial incentive to recycle.
1. Denmark - 8.2 points
Just like Sweden, Denmark is a Nordic country with most of the welfare of its free services to citizens. Expect to pay about 72% of your money to the government on higher-end income tax. According to Wikipedia, Denmark has the worlds highest taxes! When you buy a car in Denmark, one must pay VAT at 25% import price of the vehicle and then a registration fee of 180% on top. This means that when a machine is sold at € 20 000, you must pay an additional $ 45 000, such as taxes to the government (total of $ 65 000). This is why people ride bikes in Denmark or use one of the best public transport systems in the world. Denmark has also 2 autonomous provinces - the Faroe Islands and Greenland. The second is more than 50 times larger than Denmark, but the people are about 100 times less.
Other countries of significant
USA - 7.4 points - 17th place
Great Britain - 7.1 points - 22nd place
France - 6.5 points - 39th place
China - 6.3 points - 44th place
India - 6.3 points - 45
Japan - 6.3 points - 46 posts


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